Civil War Replica Uniforms Near Me

Middlecreek National Battlefield had a significant impact in changing the course of the Civil War.  The battle ended Confederate supremacy and helped to pave the road for James A. Garfield to become our 20th President of the United States.  This is why each year we bring to life a reenactment of the battle.

The uniform was the easiest way to distinguish whether you were a Confederate or Union soldier


Many of the Union soldiers began the war fighting in the uniforms of their native country.  It wasn’t until later they developed on common uniform:

  • Dark blue frock (lower-ranking officers)
  • Double-Breasted frocks (high-ranking officers)
  • Single-Breasted frocks (low-ranking officers)
  • Dark blue trousers
  • Dark blue kepi
  • All uniforms were made out of wool


Similar to the Union soldiers, Confederates lacked similar uniforms.  This lead to confusion over who was on whom’s side.

  • Grey uniform, frock to mid-thigh
  • Grey cap, called a kepi
  • Jacket and trousers
  • Although the uniforms were grey, they oftentimes looked brown due to being worn for an extended period of time.
  • All uniforms were made out of cotton cloth

Civil War Replica Uniform Near Me

If you participate in yearly Civil War reenactment you may be looking to invest in a replica uniform.  Replica uniforms are not something you can just run to the mall and pick up.  You need to find a specialized costume shop to assist you with the proper uniforms for the Union and the Confederate soldiers.  Here are just a few well known stores to assist you with all your high quality Civil War paraphernalia needs.

Fall Creek Suttlery is the closest Civil War costume shop to Middlecreek Battle Ground.  It is located in Whitestown, Indiana and carries a large variety of costumes, uniforms, and props used during reenactments.  Here you are able to find every article from the kepi on top of your head to the boots on your feet. Fall Creek Suttlery carries both Confederate and Union uniforms, along with uniforms for children.

Fall Creek Suttlery also ships.  Shipping is based on distance and weight, with an additional $11 shipping charge applied to all items.  Returns are accepted within 10 days of delivery.  However, if you have a custom uniform made or order boots, those are not returnable. It is recommended to call or email to check on the availability of certain popular items.

Check out this popular uniform:

The Economy Uniform – The economy uniform was used for both sides, Union and Confederate.  These are lower cost uniforms which are fully lined and made of wool. The costume consists of trousers, a kepi, trousers, and a sack coat. All of these items are available to online for purchase. Make sure to plan ahead, as any of your uniform rentals will take around 2-3 weeks to ship and some items may not be available.

The Military Uniform Supply store is located in Pekin, Illinois.  However, the majority of their business is performed online.  Their website is laid out well and is super simple to navigate.  They carry uniforms for both sides, Confederate and Union. Military Uniform Supply also carries attire for women and children.  Confederate and Union jackets have the opportunity to be adorned with whatever insignia, patches or buttons were authentic to your character of the Civil War.

Most of the items listed on the website are stocked and ready to be shipped directly to your doorstep.  Shipping charges start at $5.95 for all orders under the price of $15, and go up depending on the size of your package.  You are able to exchange or return your package within 30 days of arrival.  Please make sure you have your invoice on hand.

Special Article of Clothing

The Confederate Butternut Shell Jacket.  The jacket has seven buttons down the front of the golden brown wool.  The jacket is lined with cotton, and has a standup collar. According to the website, the jacket starts at $29. Many of the jackets which survived the Civil War were this butternut color.  It became an icon of the Confederate Army.

C&C is the reenactment uniform company furthest away from Middlecreek Battle Ground, located in Emmett, Idaho.  This company specializes in Civil War uniforms.  C&C began designing and marketing their clothing in 1976.   Not only do they carry Confederate and Union uniforms, but they also carry civilian clothing for those standing on the sidelines of the reenactment.  The quality is remarkable and the uniforms are spot on replicas.

C&C has a full line of clothing in stock and ready to ship.  They are one of the few companies that offers a full line of cavalry attire made only in the USA.  Along with the full line, they offer the highest quality and over the years have made sure to constantly improve their quality.

Interesting fact about C&C:

Most orders come in via online.  However, the Emmett, Idaho based company was called on by Courtney Hoffman, the costumer for Quentin Tarantino’s film, “The Hateful Eight”. In the movie it is difficult to recognize specific pieces because they crew had to dirty them up so much.

Interesting articles of clothing:

The Uniforms of Famous Confederates.  Included in the collection, are the jackets of General Lee and General Pickett, along with officers Mosby and Keitt. These coats are exact replicas with proper insignia and adornments.The coats start at $225, but go up in price according to size. You can find instructions on how to properly care for wool or cotton clothing, leather boots and shoes and you weapons blade online.

C&D is located in Corinth, Missouri.  Since conception, C&D has worked to produce authentic Civil War uniform replications for over 30 years.  Every day is spent doing research in order to provide new products and information in order to provide a wider variety.

As with Sutlers, you need to make sure to plan ahead and allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.  Items are typically shipped either Fed-Ex or UPS.  Prices are quoted when the order is placed.  C&D will replace any defective articles of clothing with the year, as long as you have your invoice on hand.

Special Article of Clothing:

The Confederate Officer Uniform.  You are able to piece together specific uniforms by piecing together separate articles of clothing.  C&D offers frock coats or shell jackets, mounted trousers or foot trousers, and a kepi or forage cap.  These uniforms are specially made and your quoted price is based on size and weight.  Contact us for a quote!

American Civil War Reenactments

Reenacting the Civil War became popular between the years 1961-1965, as these were the centennial celebration years.  However, much of the public lost interest in watching the three-day reenactment by the late 1960’s. However, there are still many battlegrounds in the United States who still enjoy getting together to celebrate history.  One of those being, Middlecreek National Battlefield. Contact us today to schedule your chance to enjoy the chance to let our organization teach you about the preservation of rich mountain heritage.

The Battle of Middle Creek was a tragic example of the fratricidal, neighbor-against-neighbor warfare that characterized the struggle for Kentucky. Read about the history of this battle, see reenactments, and the preservation of this site.